Off-Road Safety Academy

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Expedition Course
Advanced 4WD Off-Roading

Course Goal: As a continuation of the Discovery Course, the goal of this course is to extend your knowledge and skills to safely and ecologically off-road through remote and wilderness areas solo. Although it is always best to off-road with other vehicles, this is not always possible or desired. Upon completion of this course you will fully understand the limitations of your vehicle and your driving skills allowing you to intelligently choose excursions and trails to match your capabilities.
Prerequisite: Completion of Discovery Course or proven basic off-roading experience.
Length of Course: Two days.
Target Audience: Those individuals that have either completed the Discovery course or can demonstrate basic off-roading knowledge and skills.
Vehicle Requirements: Any reliable 4WD SUV, SUT or trucks with:

  • ​2-speed 4WD transfer case (must have 4-Low gearing)
  • Street legal vehicle in excellent working condition, no fluid leaks
  • Frame-mounted recovery points
  • Yank strap (not a two strap with metal hooks)
  • Full-size spare tire with Stock and HiLift Jack
  • Roll bar or hard top
  • CB radio (HAM or FRS radios are NOT acceptable substitutes)
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Seat belts for all passengers
  • Method of airing up tires (air compressor or PowerTank)
  • Tire air pressure gauge

Vehicle "Nice-to-Haves:” This is a list of equipment that will help you take full advantage of the training in this course. However, you are not required to have any or all of this equipment to enroll in the course. The Instructor's vehicle will have all of this equipment, allowing you hands-on training.

  • GPS – Global Positioning System device
  • Hi-Lift Jack Accessories – JackMate, Off-Road Base Plate, Off-Road Kit, Bumper Lift; X-Jack Inflatable Jack
  • 20' chain with choke chain hooks at each end, Tree Strap
  • Winch with remote control, heavy gloves, winch dampener (commercial style, small blanket or carpet strips), eye protection
  • Synthetic winch line extension (Amsteel Blue, 3/8" 50' or ARB Winch Extension Strap)
  • 4 bow-shackles; 3/4 ton
  • Snatch block(s)
  • Traction Aiding Device (TAD). A TAD may be: 1) limited slip (positraction differential), 2) full time or selectable locker, 3) Tru-trac, 4) Electronic Traction Control, 5) any other mechanism that prevents wheel spin when one wheel loses traction.