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Testimonial:"I am a self-taught off-roader with about 6 or 7 years of experience.  Without doubt, I have learned more in two days about operating my vehicle effectively and safely, negotiating various terrain types safely, and using recovery equipment properly then I have in all of the prior years of time on my own.  I feel confident that as a result of this course I will be able to take my vehicle into extreme conditions without damaging the vehicle, injuring myself or my passengers, and without fear of becoming stranded in a dangerously remote area.  Worth every penny!!!"  C. Peterson - Prairie City Discovery Course Student

Testimonial:"I knew nothing about four wheeling but knew I had to try it in my new Jeep.  Bob's course was perfect for someone who wanted knowledge before hitting a trail.   I learned what my Jeep is capable of as-is, and what it can do with modifications. Most importantly, I learned what I'm capable of.  With his guiding, I was able hit rocky hills with confidence and I'm ready to start going on trails.   I learned about the various recovery options, when I would use them, and the equipment that I might need.  There is soooo much you can buy for Jeeps, and Bob really helped me prioritized what I need to protect my Jeep and myself.  Bob is a GREAT instructor and I plan to take more of his courses in the future."  R. Dieker - Prairie City Discovery Course Student

Testimonial: "Excellent course... I wish it was longer." A. Sowa

Testimonial:"Bring on the off-road trail, I believe I'm ready to conquer!" K. Callahay

Course Overview

Want to learn more about your 4-Wheel Drive vehicle? Want to improve your off-road driving skills? Interested in keeping
you and your loved ones safe while off-roading? Off-Road Safety Academy™ will safely teach you in one weekend what it
​takes most people years to learn on their own.

Off-Road Safety Academy™ offers two distinctly different driving courses, Discovery and Expedition.
​This page provides you with an overview of the Discovery Course.

Course Goal – The goal of this course is to begin you on a path to safely and ecologically off-road alone. Although it is always best to off-road with other vehicles, this is not always possible or desired. Upon completion of this course you begin to understand the limitations of your vehicle and your driving skills allowing you to intelligently choose excursions and trails to match your capabilities.

Prerequisite: None (Except a desire to learn and have FUN!)

Length of Course: Two days; 8:30am to 5:00 pm

Course Curriculum:
Day One
- 1/2 day Knowledge Development (classroom). During lunch you'll get an overview of remote electronic communications, map use, and off-road survival and bushcraft. Afternoon: 1/2 day "Getting to Know Your Vehicle (Priority Customization for your Vehicle)," Tire Repair 101, 4WD Gearing, Beginning Hill Climbing.
Day Two - Airing Down and Inflating Tires, Driving a Level Rocky Trail and Spotting, Driving in Sand and Use of Sand Ladders, Methods of Lifting Your Vehicle Off the Ground (Hi-Lift Jack, Bottle/Scissor Jacks, Inflatable Jack), Changing a tire on soft and uneven terrain, Winching 101 with Powered Winches and Hi-Lift Jack, Proper Use of Kinetic Energy ("Yank") Straps, Off-Camber Driving, Electronic Traction Control and Locker Use (for those that have these features), Trail Driving.

Target Audience: All inexperienced off-road drivers that want to learn the basics of four-wheeling in relative safety and comfort. This course is for the owners of any new or used 4-Wheel Drive vehicle (e.g., Jeeps, Explorers, Hummers, Land Rovers, Xterras, Land Cruisers, Pathfinders, flat-bed trucks, etc.). Even inexperienced owners of highly modified off-road vehicles are welcome at this course. The curriculum is primarily designed for novice off-road drivers owning stock or slightly modified 4-Wheel Drive vehicles. During this course, you'll begin to learn how to off-road on your own and launch adventure expeditions in relative safety and comfort.

Vehicle Requirements: Any reliable 4-Wheel Drive SUV, SUT or trucks with:

  • 2-speed 4WD transfer case (must be able to shift into a 4-Low gearing)
  • Street legal
  • Full-size spare tire
  • Full tank of gas
  • Seat belts for all passengers
  • Vehicle in excellent working condition, no fluid leaks

Use of Instructor Equipment: During this course you will be introduced to safe winch and HiLift Jack use,
plus other essential off-road equipment. You will not need to own or bring equipment other than what is listed.

Discovery Course

Introduction To 4WD Off-Roading

Off-Road Safety Academy

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