Off-Road Safety Academy

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Bob is a Wilderness First Aid Instructor through the American Safety & Health Institute (ASHI) and Emergency Care & Safety Institute (ESCI). Although his courses are applicable for any remote, backcountry activity (hiking, biking, kayaking, hunting, ATV riding, equestrian activities, etc.), Bob's courses are primarily geared towards those using 4WD vehicles for recreation or work.

Lay-Level CPR and First Aid course from a recognized provider

Instructional Approach:
Knowledge and Attitude Development – Textbook and classroom presentations supported by robust PowerPoint presentations and hands-on equipment/supplies
Skill Development – Classroom skill development and outdoor scenario practice in the natural evironment

Depending on your needs, course lengths can vary. Most standard Wilderness First Aid courses are 16 hours - 2 days. For those with a "duty-of-care" for others (outfitters, tour guides, camp councilors, etc.), you will want to take the 70 hour Wilderness First Responder course.

Off-Road Safety Academy is an ASHI and MEDIC First Aid approved Training Center. Bob will be teaching the full array of CPR, First Aid, and AED courses for adults and children. Call for course details.