Off-Road Safety Academy

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Bob conducting a winch clinic at NW Overland Rally 2016.


Bob will soon be educating off-roaders and overlanders the same way he helped train scuba divers for over 35 years. Off-road book titles already written and soon to be released:

  • Purchasing and Getting to Know 4WD Vehicles
  • Driving Challenging Terrain - How Not to Get Stuck
  • The Total Approach to Getting Unstuck
  • Rising to the Occasion - Safetly and Effectively Using Your Hi-Lift, Inflatable, Hydraulic, and Scissor Jack Off-Road
  • Basic Survival and Bushcraft for Off-Roaders and Overlanders
  • 4WD Overlanding

Bob is the 4X4 Training Columnist for OutdoorX4 Magazine

Check out some of his online articles below. For his print articles, subscribe to OutdoorX4 Magazine HERE.

About the owner of Off-Road Safety Academy...Bob Wohlers

Bob is first and foremost an outdoor adventurer. Simply put, he's a "surf and turf" kind of guy. Regarding the "surf" aspect, for 32 years Bob created curricula and invented training methodologies for PADI, the Professional Association of Diving Instructors. He is well respected in the SCUBA industry as a training innovator. For the "turf" aspect, Bob has been an avid off-roader his entire life. He knows the "zen" and "fine art" of safe and environmentally responsible off-road driving. He is prepared to teach you in a short time, the lessons he's learned over many years through the "school of hard knocks."

Bob teaches corporate and government off-road courses. Bob conducts off-road safety training for T-Mobile, Verizon and Motive Energy - three corporations that employ individuals needing to safely off-road to repair remote cell transmission sites. Bob is also a registered government contractor and teaches courses for the National Park System and the BLM. These courses include Park Rangers, Biologists, Geologists, and Maintenance personnel. If the Federal Government, T-Mobile and Verizon trust Bob to teach their employees how to safely and ecologically off-road, so can you. Bob is also an invited trainer at major recreational Overland and Off-Road gatherings, including Overland Expo, Lone Star Toyota Jamboree, and NW Overland Rally.

​With a master's degree in instructional design from the California State University at Dominquez Hills and a secondary teaching credential from the University of California, Irvine, Bob knows how to efficiently and clearly transfer knowledge, proper attitudes, and skills to those wishing to learn the fine art of ecologically friendly, safety-based off-roading. Bob is an educator - not JUST a teacher. He knows HOW to put together effective, efficient, and engaging courses for important long-term memory retention.

​Bob is also a Master Tread Trainer with Tread Lightly!Tread Lightly! is the nation’s only source for a full line of motorized and non-motorized outdoor ethics training and education materials. Bob will teach you to be environmentally responsible in all your outdoor adventure related activities.

Bob is also a qualified NRA Pistol Instructor, expert defensive rifleman, and a seasoned survival expert. As a backcountry communication expert, Bob has actual experience with ham radio (licensed), personal locator beacons (PLBs), and SENDs (Satellite Emergency Notification Devices) such as the SPOT and DeLorme In-Reach Explorer. Bob is a Delorme In-Reach Ambassador. As a Wilderness First Aid Instructor, he can teach you how to solve backcountry medical emergencies. As part of your off-road course, he can help you prepare for the unexpected.