Off-Road Safety Academy

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100% Course Satisfaction!
If after the first day, or even at the end of the course, you do not feel more confident about your abilities to explore off-road in such a way as to better protect yourself, your passengers, vehicle and the environment, then all your course fees will be refunded.

Graduate From One of My Courses... Then Go On A Tour!​

​Thank you to Tylar Springer for Shooting and Editing this Great Little Video!

​​Off-Line, ​Off-Grid, Off-Road
Prepare To Go Remote​ with Off-Road Safety Academy

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Prepare While Having Fun with Off-Road Safety Academy

The cost of a professionally taught 4WD off-road course is always pennies on the dollar when compared with the financial, emotional, and health cost of a remote backcountry breakdown or accident.

Because Preparation is Everything & TRAINING is a HUGE Part of Being Prepared